Tuesday, October 22, 2002

A little pot pourri of the ingredients that make up the madness that is my life....ie, a load of totally unrelated stuff that i just want to get down for my own edification!

Larry's a total jerk. And I told him. Decided to set me up with one of his mates without telling. So I get this IM from someone earlier today that happens to crash my Trillian. Don't know if the two were connected or not but I took it as an omen. I ignored it cos I didn't know who it was. Then he IMd me again. Still didn't know who it was. Still ignored it. Next IM....used my name! Now, who the hell is this? Who are you? You know Larry? WHO ARE YOU....so, he explains. I get annoyed and close him down. He IMs me again. I get very annoyed and now I block him. Then Larry IMs. Why are u annoyed with me? Oh, I wonder? Don't ever do that without telling me. He's very nice...yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't wanna know. Well then I'll go...forever. So, now you're threatening me? Do you think I care?

And while all of this was going on Rob and I were trying to have a "serious" conversation. I said he'd come crawling back when he wanted something, didn't I? Did I? No, well I meant to....Anyway, he did. Heeee heee heee....got him just where I want him....frustrated and grovelling....mmmmm...this could be so much FUN!

Sort of saw the Twin last night....online anyway. He's bought a webcam and he's still trying to work out what to do with it. Had it set up so I could watch him do his taxes....yeah, real turn-on that was. Had it pointed at his shirt...and the lower part of his face....He is very funny but I think that's taking things a bit too far. Left him "turned on" and went to bed.....no idea how long he was up playing with it (hey, this is completely clean, stop smirking....unusual perhaps, but true, not a single bit of smut in here, for once).

Back hurts. Think it's the after-effects of Saturday....or maybe a bit of the other as well. Was OK Sunday. Woke up Monday, back muscles gone into spasms again. Spent the day hobbling round and trying not to cry. Today was a bit better but now I'm sitting here and I can feel those horrible things in my feet beginning to hurt again. It may be time for a day off...which will annoy the Rochester contingent but tough. Have to see. If it's like this I'm not going in. Got up for the 8am meeting this morning and it was pitch black when I left home. And then it was dark when I left work to come home. Not seen daylight since Sunday. YUK. Can't wait for the clocks to go back. Was meant to go to Salamanca today but blew it off.....

Grandmother's going in to have a pacemaker fitted in about 10 days or so. Have to look up how they do those. My mother said they just cut you open and pop it in but they must have to attach it to something, musn't they? Never really understood how these things work and it makes me queasy just thinking about it....so I'm not going to!


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