Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Must be that time of the year...they're all crawling out the woodwork now and I don't mean Trick or Treaters...!!! Today I had calls from:

- Rob....missed him so I don't know what he wants but it must be something!!!
- I going to go out with his mate? Doubt it. Can he come and see me? Why am I still working at, perhaps cos I work days unlike some people. How about tomorrow? Maybe, after 7pm. Oh no, party. Oh well, some other time!
- James....he apologised. Ha. So he should. I'll explain why some other time. When can he come and see me? Hmmmm....weekend, I guess. Another one that works nights. Wot is it with me?
- Dennis...the twin. Been busy. Very sorry. Be around tomorrow if I'm interested...? Doesn't work every night but not quite as awkward as the two above. In fact look at the whole list....they all work weird shifts.....totally inconvenient with my that what makes them interesting? Who knows!

Anyway, not a bad score for a cold dreary Wednesday. Almost spoilt for choice....just how I like it....mmmmmm!!!

Damn, forgot to phone home and find out how my grandmother was. Pooh. Now I'll be in trouble. I heee!!!!


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