Thursday, October 17, 2002

Well I pretty much expecting the twin not to turn up....but he did!!! On time as well. Told him I was surprised...I feel it best to be up-front about these things. He thought it was pretty funny. He's very cute actually. And entertaining. Yeah. Correct. Mmmmm!!! But you know what, he's too perky. I can see myself getting sick of his enthusiasm in a few weeks (if that long). Good for wasting some time though. So, we shall the meantime, let's see who else I can find to play with!

But this is the BIG NEWS of the day, week, year!!!! I am no longer illegal...Woooohoooooooo. It's official...I'm with visa. And I don't have to go anywhere just yet...which upset my father. He was quite keen on me going back to see them. Oh well. Apparently I'm OK until I want to travel outside the US and then I need to go to a consulate and get my visa restamped. Originally we thought the INS would make me go home as soon as it was issued but they're being nice. that means I can do it when I want when I have some money! It probably also means I can go to the Embassy in Toronto..but I have to look into all of that. They've changed all the rules round so it's not a 48-hour thing anymore, it's a matter of weeks.....yuk! My parents were thinking about coming over here but the garage roof is leaking and they have to get it fixed - about $3000 so that's that. Can't claim on insurance cos it's a flat roof, which doesn't get covered. Booohooo. But my sister is coming Vegas...have I said this? Can't remember and can't be bothered to read all the way down. First week December. Might go over there and see her...and get some sunshine...missing it already.


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