Sunday, October 20, 2002

Went to buy some make-up for Halloween (yawn, so not into it)...and it came to $6.66!!! Spooky or wot? Went to the first H party last night...costumes optional....good cos mine comprised a spider on my finger...that fell off mid-dance! Ha ha ha. The best costume of last night had to be matching Superman and Supergirl....cute! Got another one on Friday - at the studio - the rule is no costume, no entrance. Hmmmmmm.....

Wot else? Dining room table here after a lot of arguments. It will be there between 2pm and 5pm. OK. 4pm the call came...I knew it was gonna be late, it was SO obvious. Err about 6pm. Definitely? Yes? OK, cos I have things to do and you're messing up my day. OK, we'll be there. 5.30pm...the next phone call. We'll try and be there by 6.30pm. What happened to 6pm? We got held up? Where? At someone else? How long have you been in business? Can't you schedule calls more effectively? Well, not everyone has 52inch doors. Oooh, that was a very bad thing to say to me. So, let me get this right, you have been delivering furniture for a number of years, over which time you have learned that someone takes a little longer than expected because their doors are a little smaller. So, haven't you also learned that you allow a little leeway on everyone's call so that you are able to deliver within the agreed timeframe. Well we can reschedule. Oh wot, so I can waste another afternoon of my life? Well, you don't have to wait in for us. Er, then how are you going to deliver the furniture. We can call you. Where would you call me if I'M NOT IN?????? It went on like that for a while then I got bored and hung up. They turned up. Not their fault - it was the warehouse. I know, I never get annoyed with the poor men that are traipsing around in the pouring's the schedulers that annoy me...especially when they let slip that the other 2 trucks had finished 2 hours previously......ssss...think I'm gonna have to write a letter.....

Was only slightly calmed down by "the twin" promising to play with me again......i'm so shallow........LOL.


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