Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Chiropractor verdict....you've done something, haven't u?

Hmmm, well yes but I'm not sure what....I know how but I'm not telling him!!!! Abstinence, yuk!

Really woozy now. Been "adjusted"...CRACKED....you CRACKED me....don't pretty it up. It hurts. But now it feels better. I think. Gotta wrap myself up in a blanket and have a little cry. Pathetic.

And then I gotta call my doc and get an official referral to the chiro. Which I don't want to do cos he'll want to know why (1) i didn't go for a CAT scan (2) back to see him and (3) to physio. Answers (1) cos there's no point. If my discs are screwed you'll tell me to rest and if they're not, well then there was no point. (2) Cos you annoy me! (3) Errrr....I don't know...sort of forgot about it really.....

Need to look after myself. Need to look after myself. Need to...repeat regularly and remember to act!!!!


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