Monday, November 11, 2002

Continuing the movies reviews:

One Hour Photo...not bad at all...been wanting to see this since I first saw the trailer for it but totally missed at the local place so had to trek all the way up to the Falls to see it. But it was worth it and for $2.75 who's gonna complain.

The Tuxedo. Cute but stupid.

Think that's it.

It's about all I've been able to cope with recently...sitting in a cinema. No fun allowed. Every time I try and do something I end up in total pain. Went to yoga last week. Discovered that one side will not move at all...which I sort of knew. So nice to have my failings so publicly displayed!!! Got home and was asleep in about 5 minutes though...i love that! And actually I was OK the next day. Had been worried that I'd overdo it but everything seemed to be ok. So, guess I got carried away with it all..and then screwed myself up again. Blame Larry really. Hee heee. So stupid. Felt ok at the time, well felt quite good really. Next, back muscles back into spasms and the pains started. And kept going until they reached the happy level of total shooting pain to which I am now subjected. Cathy told me I looked stoned today. Guess it was the double doses of everything that gave me that look. Back to the chiropractor tomorrow. yuk. And now, gotta face Larry's friend. double yuk. Well, might be ok, I suppose......


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