Sunday, November 17, 2002

Laundry Service

I can sense a mini-war coming on. Probably stupid but I do my laundry on Sunday mornings. I've been doing it at that time for years. I've been doing it at that time since I moved in here. Everyone knows that. Except the girl opposite it seems. Although she does know it cos she sees me most Sunday mornings running (I use that term loosely given my present condition!) up and down the stairs with the aforementioned articles. So, this morning, I went down at 8:01. I noted the time as we're not meant to use the machines before 8am in consideration of the others in the building - which is fine cos it is Sunday and I'm not normally quite that desparate to do it! So, guess who was down there...yep, the girl opposite, cheerfully loading her stuff into the machine. SSSSSSSSSsssss. I did the "neighbourly" thing, wished her good morning and went back up stairs.

10am I come back from Wegmans...all very painful cos the pills are not doing what they're meant to be and it feels like someone is sticking a knife into the underside of my foot....trying walk with that happening to you!!! Silence from the basement...peek in, the machines have stopped. Excellent. Take my shopping upstairs, unpack it all, collect all the trash out the bins, put it in a sack, take it downstairs....yep, silence. Cool! Back upstairs, gather the laundry, wander down again. She's left some stuff in the washer. Hmmmm.....I went back upstairs, got something I need to store downstairs and go back. Stuff's still there. It's been at least 30 minutes now. Should I? Oh, wot the hell, open the machine and take her things pair of jeans and three tops. I fold them very neatly over the back of the chair and put in my clothes, turn the machine on and "run"........

Just waiting for the knock at the door. Pathetic but I hurt so much I can't take any stress today and she's annoyed me. And now Joe (cant remember which number Joe he is) is coming round to take my mind of things....or give me more to worry about......why do I do this to myself????!!!!


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