Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Yaaaay, Halloween's over. Good. Don't like it. Today's Bonfire Night...now that's something worth celebrating.

And to start the celebrations, I had the strangest dreams again last night. Ok, they're usually strange but I've never dreamt about granola before. I don't like, I've not had it recently so why was I debating it's price? Apparently it's hugely expensive for a big box but, when you compare the price of cereal, on a per portion basis it's a lot cheaper. Err......wot was all that about?

So then I turned to a much more sensible topic - storm windows and the fact they need to be sorted out now that winter is approaching. I was having trouble getting to the one in the bathroom...seems it had been pushed up so far I couldn't really reach to get it back down. And I was worried about breaking my nails. It concerned me so much that, this morning while showering, I found myself staring at the window.......

I'm blaming the drugs!!!


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