Friday, January 03, 2003

Start as you mean to go on!

Actually, this was totally how I didn't mean to go on...picking up a stranger but hey, a girl's gotta do wot a girl's gotta do. Happy New Year to meeeeee!!!! LOL My pretend resolution (pretend cos I don't really make them) was to behave myself. I blew that one almost immediately. My other resolution was to sort my life out. I'm not doing too well on that front either. At the moment I have 3.5 distractions.....hmmm...well I suppose it has potential? Yeah, for complete chaos!!!! The 0.5 relates to a possible that's not yet a done deal. With me? Hee heeeee. No 1 - the one that bugs me from time to time. No 2 - too young but very'll have to read some post I made earlier....oh, there weren't any details in there either. Ah well, never mind! No 3 - Mr New Year. Guess the year could have started off worse.........well, another 12 months to worry about which one to go with/for!

So we have snow here....yucky, messy snow that makes my feet wet. Not the nice pleasant crunchy snow that looks pretty. YUK. But better than the rain. England is drowning apparently. I've seen photos of telephone boxes half-submerged in the wet stuff. And my brother-in-law tells me that they've had so much that some of the roads by them (NW London) are impassable. Hey, stop. It's only a little island. It'll sink!!!!!! Poor things. I'll take snow anyday - at least you can shovel it out the way!!!! Ooooh and check out that forecast....rain, rain, rain and...yep, more rain! Cheap fares to England.....think I'll give them a miss for a while!!


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