Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Boys Are Back!

The TA arrived home Tuesday night. Saw the photos yesterday. Look pretty tanned and still fairly sane. My sister's worried about the lack of laundry that came back with them...well, wot d'u expect? I'm sure they didn't change clothes three times a day. LOL

Went to PA yesterday. Think it's my first time in that state. Very pretty driving down with all the trees and things...just wish the road was a little better. 120 miles of which I did the first 30 fast and the next 90 so damn slowly. Oh well. Very pleasant day. Went for a traipse round see the empty Adelphia building with real marble pillars. Do they not have anything better to spend their money on? Built the damn thing, with no parking as far as we could see, and then forgot to move in!!!! Then for dinner. All in the company of a really cute guy, which made it that much more enjoyable! Amused the waitress as we were putting the world to rights. Said she didn't want to interrupt cos we looked like we were really getting into things. Yeah, well don't hold your breath. I only seem capable of annoying people this week.

Oh, and on the subject of annoying people, JB sent me back my yoga tape with a little note asking how I am. Well, if you were really interested you could pick up the phone, couldn't you! How do you think I feel?

Visa saga continues. Just sent them the copy of the app with the signature on....try and wriggle out of that one!

Just got an email from someone I used to work with. She's going for breast implants. Sssss. Hey, that's unfair. Someone of us have perfect boobs (see below if you don't believe me!!!). Why do we want competition from fake ones????

perfect boobs

Mmmmm...Your Boobs Are Perfect!

Shapeley, firm, and a total man pleaser. Well, at least for now.

Remember that beauty fades (unless you have a fake pair)!

Your perfect breasts eventually will go sour - and South!

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