Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dontcha just love the weather here? Too hot and humid yesterday and today got woken up by an amazing thunder storm. Hate them, hate them, hate them! Had to run round and close all the windows cos the damn rain was coming in. LOL. Been so windy as well. Every time I think it's safe to open a window, something blows off the table. Or maybe that's just a hint I should clear up. Some other time perhaps?

Anyway, did go for a cruise round Buffalo. Just to clear the cobwebs. Not sure exactly where I was. Headed up Transit for a while and then over to the Boulevard. Actually quite nice with the Don Henly CD blaring (yeah, ok, I know....but it was summery music...!!!!).

Bro-in-law is supposed to be home tomorrow. Tomorrow! Wow. Actually they're not that sure. The rumour is that the RAF is flying them in tonight and they'll be home Monday. But then there's also news that some of them have to stay out there until September. We'll see. It's my father's birthday tomorrow so, if he does come home, that would be nice. He, my father, is sick of running round after my sister. He told me earlier that he'd gone round there to mow the lawn for her cos she was too busy. Errr.....excuse me but couldn't that wait. It's not like she was having an emergency "lawn in need of mowing" crisis. Meantime, she was swanning round London...some trip to Chelsea Barracks or something. PUHLEASSSE. Like you did stuff like that for me? Huh, well, did ya???? Think it's probably cos I'm slightly more practical....I can mow my own lawns!!! LOL. Actually, I do remember, when they got their first place (sister and hubby), bro-in-law and I painted their living room (it was yellow, which I HATE....generates suicidal tendencies...but she loves). There was an interesting episode which involved her storming out. We just stood there in hysterical laughter. Think she'd dripped paint or something...SOOOO messy. Oh, whatever. He's old enough to say I told him!!!!

On the down side, seems like my mother's in a bit of a state. I'm not to say anything to her but my father doesn't think she's going to be able to work much longer. Apart from her back, which is a total nightmare (you think mine's bad, ha!), she's now got trouble with her hands. Arthritis maybe? Don't know. He says they're in a terrible state. Which is pretty useful if you type all she does. If it's not one thing......

And on that subject, still heard nowt...ssssssss. Hopefully some stuff will become clearer this week. Yelena's been nagging me to get a plan together. As if I know what I want to do. No way. Never had an idea. Just fall into things cos they look interesting. Chris was slightly more restrained. Told me I need to get a "pla" together.....that's a plan that's not quite there yet...! So been doing a bit of ruminating and surfing to help. There are still TONS of jobs over on the West Coast. But then I went back to the Canada idea. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if I'd gone through with the residency thing last year, I'd be a year further along. Could kick myself. So....having dug around a lot, it seems I have more than the points I need to meet the residency criteria. I can also go there for 6 months with no visa at all. Plus, permanent residents have the ability to live and work in the US (interesting, eh? See, learning the language already!!!). Decisions, decisions. The thing is, I could work really hard to stay here but my visa will expire 2005 (yes, I know that's a way off). My problem is, unless I find a husband I would just end up in the same position in 2005 that I'm in now....having to leave. I could apply for permanent residency but not sure, given the time to take a job (up to 8 months at the moment according to "reliable" sources), that I'd necessarily be able to start the process before the visa expires. I can't apply for both together, cos they get upset. Have to leave it for about a year and them make the application. So maybe I should bite the bullet and leave now? If I went to Toronto, I'd still be pretty close to things here...which means I could still come and take lessons here and see cost of living is cheaper (depending on where...Hamilton, for instance, is loads cheaper than Buffalo). And bro-in-law has a cousin there, who I've spoken to but never met. Plus I know a few people from up that way. But then there's always the possibility that JB buys out his father really quickly and lets me come back. Although, as I told my mother, I'm not holding my breath on that one! Too many possibilities. Tried out the Magic Crystal Ball (don't laugh). Seems to think Canada is a good idea and Buffalo isn't. Hmmmmmm......


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