Saturday, May 17, 2003

Places you shouldn't....

...the parking lot of Eckerd. Just ran out for some milk and there's this couple snogging in the car outside the store. I have no objection to what they're doing but do think it shows a total lack of imagination that they couldn't find somewhere a little more interesting or romantic......maybe I should have knocked on the window and given them some ideas?, can't be bothered to go out again now! Gotta get ready....nice pleasant evening planned with Sharon. Neither of us can face another Karen dance so, instead, we're gonna see Assasination Tango. No men, no stress, lovely!

Went to the Full Moon Dance last night. Lots of candles, very pretty. Actually told to wear black for once, rather than being beaten up for so doing. Woooohooo. The cute one was there. Had his hair cut. Very nice to look at, and that's all it's gonna be! Had enough of all this meaningless stuff. Don't think I can cope with it anymore. Must be age creeping up on me!!! Had a call from the Toronto snake on Thursday. Nice to hear from him. Had a good chat. Then totally ignores me again....well not totally, told me he was chatting up some woman from Wales. That's nice. Well here's a hint. You can do whatever you want to, I can't stop you. But don't mess with me. I'd rather you just disappeared into the sunset and left me alone. Men!!!! But the one from PA's still there...well so far....sure that won't go anywhere either......


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