Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Alarm woke me.
I ignored it.
Hour later I turned over in bed.
Guess I should get up.
So I did.
Did my yoga (sounds better than it was, trying to do half an hour every morning but there are days that the shower just looks more inviting!)
Had breakfast (cheerios...they were looking lonely).
Checked my email.
Checked my horoscope.
Checked my bank account to make sure all those bill payments had gone out...they had.
Got dressed.
Now I'm bored!

Ooooh but just found out a little more about stuff. BK called me. Apparently, The Day was quite entertaining. He said JB spent half the day in his office screaming at his father and then left for the rest of the week on a "sudden vacation". Seems all the work got dumped on BK and the webmaster. Poor thing doesn't know if he's coming or going he's got so much stuff on his desk.....well, heee heee, what d'u want me to do about it? Anyway, he's going to buy me lunch next week so maybe I'll give him a few clues about stuff. Or there again.....


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