Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Not really. Nothing new to report. Got my box of goodies back from GLED. The pens (just cheapo ones) were missing. I bet I know who swiped them! Anyway, not a big deal. They did actually send me my boxed copy of Office XP Pro. So cool. The guy at Microsoft quite likes (should that be liked?) me so he sent me a care package. Which means I can flog it!!!!!! Asked them to send it to me with the rest of my things. Thought they might get funny about it but nope, there it is. Nice! Been a bit worried that my last week's pay would not appear or might be reduced by sick days (took a couple) but it seems not....the letter that came said 11 vacation days would be paid. Tomorrow's payday so will be checking the bank balance first thing and moving the money somewhere else in case they change their mind!!! That's cheered me up a little....something a bit too stressful about not knowing whether any money will be forthcoming....! Just have to remember not to spend it.


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