Sunday, June 29, 2003


Don't dance when it's over 80. Amazed I didn't wake up sneezing this morning. I was dripping it was so hot. Spent half the evening in the bar (alchohol and A/C so that gave me the shivers...)! Think I overdid it. As well as the drippiness I lost all feeling in my left hand for a while....I've got a trapped nerve somewhere. Should get it sorted. It's usually OK, apart from a couple of yoga stretches where I go tingly....not usually quite so dramatic. Plus my back's a bit sore and I can feel the sciatica playing up again. :-( Have a feeling that half the problem is because I was wearing my dance sneakers. They're really comfortable but they're too flat which means there's too much pressure in the wrong part of my back. For ballroom I have a lovely pair of 3" shoes that look incredibly hard to dance in but they are perfect posture-wise. Maybe next time I'll try WCS in those......but first I NEED liquid.

Oh yeah and Rob woke me up about 5am this morning cos HE couldn't sleep. Told him to do something to wear himself out. He was. Thanks for sharing that with me!!!!! I must have dozed off when I got in so crawled into bed and then I couldn't sleep....sssss.....

About time too!!!!!!


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