Sunday, June 15, 2003


"The sight of an ex might throw you for a loop. As much as you'd like to be untouchable, the fact is, you can be a bit sentimental at times. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Too late....already did...the loop part that is. In fact, two (exs that is) in one day. Why can't they just have the decency to leave me alone if they leave? I was doing OK. This week wasn't too bad. Had a good Thursday/Friday anyway....although now I realise Chris jinxed me as I was leaving. Asked me if I seen a certain someone, told me how he'd liked that person, got good vibes, thought it had been a positive relationship. At the time it was. Then, out of the blue yesterday, there he is....except the vibes aren't even close to good now. As for the other one, what's he playing at?

Buddhists believe Heaven and Hell are life conditions that we create through our own actions, whether we experience them in this life or a later one. Guess I had this all coming to me then? Not told Rob yet but I know what he's gonna say and he'd be right.

Think I might just go back to bed and hide from the world...although I'm meant to be meeting Greybird. Wish it was raining!


Update.....I guess it's now tomorrow but...make that 3 ex's. Totally serious. What's the matter with you lot? A bit of sunshine and your hormones start raging......


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