Saturday, June 28, 2003

Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I LOVE dancing. There's something so satisfying about showing off to a room full of people! LOL I decided I don't want to compete any more...not in my nature...but performing, totally different....get a real buzz out of that! Had two FANTASTIC dances with Chris this evening. A Cha Cha that some guy told me looked "very hot" and a Hustle that made Sharon jealous. Had to have a little strop to get the Hustle (ooops). Well I asked him for one and then he came to dance Cha with me and I said only if it's as well as a Hustle and he said maybe. Then he had to dance with someone else so I got all he put one on just for me....cos, as I told him, I'm special!!!! But I did say thank you afterwards....and maybe there was just a little twinge of guilt (which I try not to do, too messy and a total waste of energy).

Afterwards we had the usual discussion about there's so few good male dancers (I will only Hustle with three people cos everyone else pulls me around too much and I dont want to lose an arm or hurt my back...or, more typically, get my head bashed!). There were too many women there tonight (loads of people didn't show up). Chris was doing his "have to dance with everyone at least one" bit, which he has to but it's tough when they have loads of beginners. I don't mind dancing with them but repeating the same step for 2 minutes does drive me mad.....and, being in the "irritable as hell" mood (see last post), I wanted some attention. So, for once, I stropped and got wot I wanted. Mmmm mmmmmmmmm! Cute one was there as well...danced lots with him. He's been practising his Cha...very impressed....though I tried to confuse him by talking to him when I could see he was trying to count...heee heeee. Mean? Perhaps. Fun? Oh definitely!

What else? Hmmm....two people told me I was looking good and must have lost weight. Actually think it's the opposite. No, not true. I've got stuck. Although I think some of it's firming up so maybe it's the "muscle weighs more than fat" thing. Or it could just be this top. Quite fitted so you can see I have a waist...and it makes my boobs look big! LOL Yeah, maybe I wore it intentionally....... *wink*...although I did wear it when BK took me to lunch and he seemed oblivious....although I do remember he's a butt man......and I was sitting on that so...I should stop now, shouldn't I!???!

R and C were there. Came in late and crept out early. Didn't say a thing to me. Fine. Don't care. Chris asked us if they made us nervous. That's not the word I would have used. What is? Errr...probably best if I don't tell you!!!!

Oh and I told Chris about jinxing me. He told me I should just go for it but it's too late for that. Just got to move on and see what else comes along....which seems to be quite a lot if my inbox is anything to go by. The heat rises and the hormones are racing......

And on a totally different note...I love Amazon. I have two printers (long story, boring) and one of them I don't use. So I just put it up on their Marketplace (you for a new one and they tell you there are used versions available). Posted it a while back and didn't really expect it to do anything. This evening, just as I was getting ready to go out (wrapped in bath towel with wet hair!) I get an email saying it's sold. Wooo hooooo. So there I am, sitting on the floor half-naked, still wet, gathering the manual and the CD and the printer getting ready to mail it out. I know it could have waited til morning but I was so I now have some room on my desk for all the crap I seem to be accumulating!!!!!!

All in all....a very good end to what had promised to be an incredibly painful day.

Good night :-)


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