Thursday, June 19, 2003

No Packrats Here!

Well, inspired by the Greybird clearout, I took a look through my closets to see what I could find. Amazingly enough there were a few items that no longer fit...including two pairs of jeans that I've never actually worn. Think I bought them just before I left Manhattan for the snow of Buffalo. And then I stopped eating junk food - mainly due to the fact that Buffalo has decent supermarkets that sell fresh food (no flies included!) and I started cooking again. So too big, too big. Yayyyyy! Plus a couple of evening dresses that are also too big for me of them's really nice but it needs so much work to take it in that's it's not really worth it. Last time I bought such a dress (for dancing, why else?), it actually cost me more to have it taken in and up than the dress had cost me in the first place. So add that to a couple of other things that I found and Ebay, here I come!!! LOL Unfortunately, not being a hoarder of stuff, I don't think I'll make my fortune from this....more pin money really...oh well, every little helps. :-)

Other than that...bored out of my mind. Did think I could go and lie in the park all day with a good book but look, it's raining. Typical!


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