Friday, June 27, 2003

Random Thoughts

Spoke to Snake last night. Says he'll be over to see me the next couple of weeks off.....still not convinced he'll make it but at least he's now being consistent about the things he would be nice.....

Have you noticed how many men in Buffalo have kids really young...and then get divorced......? In the last few weeks I've come across 4 30-somethings each with 2 (or more) children, which they must have had when they were in the early/mid 20's.....each one is divorced.....surely that should tell you something? Well, does it?????

Bite count: 6. Two on my back, one on my leg, one on the knuckle of the right index finger and two really, really itchy ones on my left index finger. Scratch, scratch, scratch!

Side note. Irritable as hell this morning....even after yoga. Why? Unsure. Just screamed at two people as I was driving to and from Walgreens. Idiots that can't drive. Very tense. Not good. And the temperature's dropped so I should be really perky. Hmmm...maybe I need to go and breathe some more?????

You're Lust

You're so sexually charged you're about to blow a fuse. Your life is a catalogue of cheap thrills and your underwear drawer like a branch of Ann Summers. Stop eyeing up every passing bloke and try spending the odd night alone.

Who? Meeeee?


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