Friday, June 13, 2003

Red, White and Blue

I was speaking to Sharon and all of sudden remembered I have a pair of Converse with the stars and stripes on!! Wooohooo. Best shoes there. LOL And the blue undies comment did freak our Chris. So sweet. Got all embarassed and ran away. Anyway, interesting evening. Renee was there for the first time in ages. Had a feeling she would be. Of course Colleen was in tow. She didn't even acknowledge us this evening. Shouldn't really moan, she used to attach herself to us and talk and talk and talk and.....zzzzzz...always about herself, such a prima donna...very zzzzzzzzz. Was funny watching them in a little corner trying to create their own clique, Renee up to her usual tricks of stealing people's partners. In fact, I had to join in at one point. Wanted to Hustle. Have to Hustle. Love to Hustle. There are only about 3 people I'll dance it with though...get sick of men trying to rip my arms out of my sockets or whack me in the head. So, Hustle came on and I ran to get Chris...success. Think that annoyed her. Serve her right...two can play stupid games. And then, she had to ask Chris for Tango to be the last dance...don't like Tango (although I did do my once a year version with the cute one and it was ok, he messed up more than me!)....long Michal story attached to that got Sharon to cheer with me for a Rhumba. We won. Victory is so sweet!


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