Monday, June 16, 2003

Update on last night

Very nice day. Sunshine and food. Mmmmmm. Came home and must have just crashed on the sofa cos I woke at 12.30 to the sound of my IM beeping (although I see that I'd missed a couple of people!). Oh who's this. Well guess what. It was some guy that I met I don't know how long ago...pretty sure it was before the "Canadian who broke my heart" incident and I met him in November....So anyway, I really can't remember this guy's name. He was ok...had the most incredibly "make you melt" smile. I'm sure he could get away with anything with a smile like that. He starts talking as if nothing had happened...and I'm like it's been how many months, you lied to me about keeping in touch, why the hell should I talk to you.....oh I don't want to TALK. No, I realise that, why else would u beep me at this sort of time...well, here's a clue.....disappear, I should go to bed...alone (sob LOL). Don't ever darken my doors again. JERK!!!!! I wasn't even trying to get myself into trouble this time and I end up in the middle of another mini-saga....why me??????

Could rant and rave on this for hours...but I won't cos I've just taken the car to get it's oil changed. Check engine light mystery revealed....the O2 sensor was playing up apparently. They changed it for free...damn good job too cos it came on the day after they changed the oil last time and they should have spotted it then!!!!! Like it there, loads of cute guys to watch although I'm noticing that the really cute ones are TOO DAMN SHORT!!!!! What is it with Buffalo....they must put something in the water to stunt men's growth. LOL.

So that's it. Just waiting for the chiropractor to make up his mind....tick tock......LOL

Mmmm...just got a copy of Echoes (Pink Floyd)...fantastic!!!!


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