Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Now how is it that UPS men are always so cute and friendly and generally fabulous? Is it the recruiting process...yes, we are an EOE but you are only allowed to drive one of our trucks if you're gorgeous....anyone else gets a desk/warehouse job? Or is it the despatch process....order going to 30-something female...send along a cute guy? I know I've written about them before but I continue to be amazed each time I get a delivery. I've had two (orders that is!) in the last 10 days and both times the I've marvelled at the deliverers. Clean, polite, happy to chat with me (I get bored being at home so much!) and CUTE!!!!!! Makes me want to order stuff just to see more of them LOL

Our USPS guy is very nice (he makes sure the woman downstairs is OK when she doesn't collect her mail, he takes my parcels...including the heavy printer...without complaints, he says hello) but you just can't lust after him. Is this some sort of hierachy thing....does USPS get UPS rejects? Or do mail people aspire to be UPS people?????

Fascinating....well, better go find some more stuff to buy..... ;-)


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