Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I Don't Like My Neighbour

I've done the laundry. Oh there's a story. Remember "she who lives opposite and is incapable of taking her washing out the machine"? Yeah, she did it again. I got so annoyed. She went out leaving stuff in the dryer (at least it wasn't the washer this time!). I completed two loads of washing and couldn't bear it any longer....if you're gonna leave things lying around for 2 hours (probably longer,not sure when she actually started her washing), expect them to be moved....which I did! Completed my drying...and then put her stuff back in. Was gonna go round to the office and complain but I forgot...maybe next time I'm in...which should be soon...rent due....aaagh! Plus, she props open the fire door, which is clearly marked "Fire Door, Keep Closed", leaves all the lights on and the door to the basement unlocked. One day "someone" is going to go down there and steal all her underwear...retribution! Just so damn selfish.


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