Saturday, July 12, 2003

I love State Farm

I'm thinking of renaming this Ice Queen. Spent more time with ice on my back than I care to remember. Stiff as a board this morning. From my neck all down my back. Can feel every muscle when I move. Plus my friend Sciatica has come to join in the party. Totally sucky!

State Farm were wonderful. Phoned them up, virtually in tears (actually I did cry afterwards for quite a while), still from shock, to ask what do I do now? He took the details and called the other agent. Called me back within the hour to say he'd spoken to them, they accepted liability and he's called Regional Office to see what I can do about getting the car fixed. Need to wait for a claim number as it's out-of-state (stupid bitch was from Toledo....). Within 2 hours, the office called me back with a claim number and told me to get the car taken in. Said they'll pay if I get a rental car and pick up any medical bills. Called the body shop - past 5pm on a Friday so wasn't really expecting anyone to be there. Oh, no problem. I'll call the tow company and we'll sort it all out for you. 6.30pm, I get a call...hi, it's the tow truck, I'm outside.

I watched my poor little baby being towed away. Nice guy came to take the car. Got it hooked up and then gets out the truck and looks at me. It's AWD isn't it? That means I have to lift all the wheels. Err, yes. It says so on the back in big friendly letters. Well I didn't realise that. Most Subarus are AWD now. There are a couple that aren't. Well, sorry but this one is. So he had to unwind and start again! He was fine about it, just wanted to get it done before the rain came! Gave me a better chance to review the damage. Passenger door scratched. Actually doesn't look too bad but definitely needs seeing to. Haven't opened that door cos I didn't want to risk the frame being damaged and the door not shutting again. Rear wheel arch in a very sorry state. The metal has pulled away from the strut that goes round the wheel. The area above the arch, round the gas tank, nicely dented. The rear tire is completely ripped (must have been when I spun round). No air left in that. Not sure about the wheel itself...scratched but out of alignment? Probably won't know til they lift the car up and take a good look. And the rear bumper was knocked away from the rest of the bodywork. Big sobs :-( Of course, we had to have a little audience as he's loading up the car. Oooh what happened there???? Whaddya think happened...clearly I managed to throw the car sideways into a heavy object!

This is the first accident I've been in since, well I can't really remember, probably since I was in my early 20's when some idiot drove the wrong way down a one-way street...straight into me. So I wasn't sure how efficiently things would work....have to say I was pretty impressed by the way in which everyone responded. And strangely enough it occured in the very spot where some old guy in a Merc drove straight out in front of me the other day. Managed to slam on the brakes and avoid him, although there was a lot of horn honking! Obviously something happens to people in the vicinity of supermarkets - they seem to lose all ability to drive properly.

Spoke to Rob after it happened. Actually I spent a hour or so on the phone to him earlier cos his friend N was round....we have "tease N" sessions every so often. Never actually met N as last time I was down in Jersey, he was off doing family things. They called me about 10.30am drunk out of their heads. Funny. Anyway he was less than sympathetic...although I think it was the alcohol. All he could tell me was that there was this guy in NJ that wants to f*** me. Why, thanks darling!!!! And then...this is very funny.....he calls me about 9pm to tell me he's totally hungover and he was meant to have gone on a date but he fell asleep, she called at 7pm and he slept through. LOL Can't say I had any sympathy for him on that one!!!!!


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