Sunday, July 13, 2003

This was harder than expected

Try hiring an insurance replacement rental car in Buffalo! You think it would be easy wouldn't you. First mistake - assuming a company as large as Hertz would actually offer this service. Sure we can help you, what state are you in? NY. Oh we don't have any insurance replacement offices in NY. What? You don't have a single office that can help me. No, sorry. Geesh. Four calls later (to different companies) I find one that does....Enterprise. Great. Wooohooo. Can you come and collect me? Yes but not til Monday. Why? Well because we're only open for another hour today and we're closed tomorrow. Fantastic! Well at least I'm booked in so someone should be turning up tomorrow morning to "sort me out". Suppose it's not really a big deal. Didn't feel like going anywhere......did I? Managed a walk to the shops at the end of the road. In the rain. Quite nice really. Only out for about 45 minutes but that was long enough. By the time I got home my back was starting to complain. Been here before!!!!!!!

Have now had a better chance to identify what's hurting: right side of my neck and shoulders are as tight as they could be. All I have to do is touch the side of my neck and it hurts. Waaawwwwwwww. Right hip messed up. Muscles start spasming when I lean forward. So don't lean forward. Thanks for that! Lower back sore....again....(just as I was pretty much ok, that really really sucks). Left leg....sciatic nerve...the one that goes all the way to the toes (there are three, I have to hurt the longest one)...ouch. Oh yeah and large bruise on forehead! That one's quite funny really. Came back from the crash with all my shopping. Was in such a state I just flung it into the freezer/fridge......and managed to hit my head on the corner of the freezer!!! LOL So it gives me something to do tomorrow...once I'm with car I HAVE to get to the chiropractor so he can straighten my poor back.

But good the sun's shining today.....and I did manage to watch how many movies yesterday? Lost count after the 5th one!!!!


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