Sunday, August 31, 2003

Elvis is alive and well

And I've finally seen him! After two years of people telling me I should go see Terry B, I made it. And, considering I'm not a huge Elvis fan or a huge fan of impersonators, he wasn't half bad!

Got a clean car as well. When I picked it up from the body shop there was some gum, or something, on the front wheelarch. Tried to get it off but it wasn't having any of it. Was told to leave it and use some "special" stuff to get it off so I didn't ruin the paint. Had to take the car back yesterday to get its state inspection (I always leave it til the last possible day hoping it'll just happen on its own...but it didn't!). So, while I was there, I did my helpless female act...which is coming quite naturally at the moment....and asked if they'd do it for me. And they did. Some poor unsuspecting guy got out the liquid and squirted it on, rubbed the stuff off. Then found that there was a ridge in the paint all along where it had been so it buffed it down, polished it up and washed the car. THEN he found a couple of specs of black paint(?) so he did those as well. I couldn't quite persuade him to POLISH the whole car but what d'u expect for nothing! LOL Very nice :-) Then I took the car round Buffalo to see if I could get my x-rays done....doh, not on a Saturday. Oh well, have to wait til Tuesday now.......

Might go watch the Demolition Derby in a little while...but first I need a lie-down...too much walking this morning........ although, and I thought I might, I did meet someone I used to work with.....heee heee....funnnnnyyyyyy!!!


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