Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I got my x-rays done earlier today and the very nice woman gave me a copy to take to the chiropractor, from where I have just returned. Oh, now I understand. What? You're short a vertebra! What? He showed me, drew on his diagram of the human body and then waved his fingers at one of the x-rays.....most people have 5 lumbar vertebrae....I, being awkward, only have 4...the 5th one grew into the pelvis so I'm short a moving part! The medical term is something like transitional lumbar vertebra (cos it's transitioning between being a vertebra and something else). Seems it's something that happens at birth..the cells get confused and can't make up their minds what to be, so they become a bit of both.....does that mean I can blame my parents for my pain??????

But hey, less parts, doesn't that mean less to go wrong? Actually it means it takes you longer than "normal people" to heal. Damn!!! Oh well at least we know now. And we had a laugh when I told him about the cute guy at yoga...the one with the extra vertebra...together we make the perfect pair! LOL Came home and took a quick look on the net for info...this was the best I could find. Do some more digging tomorrow....feel very sore at the moment.


Went for my second interview this morning. So laid back....not sure I've really got anything to ask you, I was fairly happy last time! So why am I here? Just give me a job and stop messing around....sooner you say yes, sooner I can start!!! Anyway, we'll see...he has to chat with the big boss (tomorrow afternoon) who I also met. He lives about 5 minutes from me, and I know what car he drives, so if I don't get a job maybe I'll have to pay him a visit.......anyway, fingers crossed....summer's over so I feel I should do SOMETHING!!!!!!

Side Note

Was thinking about this while I was eating dinner.....when I fell downstairs last year and got taken to hospital (couple of weeks later), they x-rayed me...I remember this cos I remember the really annoying nurse testing to see if I was pregnant (wasn't then, still not!). So what the hell happened to the x-rays? I bet they went to the doctor and he never even noticed how many vertebrae I had.......can't remember if the chiro got to see them or not...have to ask him on Friday........


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