Saturday, September 27, 2003

Happy Bithday to Meeeeee

Another year older. And it's dark and rainy...guess that's in celebration of the big day...thanks for nothing!!! :-(

Went to the FAst end of the summer party last night. They embarassed me horribly by making everyone sing happy birthday to me....but then they were very sweet and gave me some flowers. Awwwww. Robin said she might turn up..of course, she didn't. Booooo. It's her birthday in a couple of days. My cousin's birthday tomorrow. All wonderful Librans!!!! LOL Oh, back to Friday....the "bitches" didn't show...again...yayyy!!! Was a strange evening. Ron was there without Amy but still didn't dance with me. He is so peculiar....made some comment about tying me up (with the fake palm tree hanging from the ceiling) and then got all excited when I gave him one of "if that's what you want to do" smiles. Decided that little exchange gave him the right to put his hands all over me while they were taking photos. Hey...back off!!!!!! Then he big loss...just weird. Just as I was leaving Chris told me I was looking very sexy. That threw me totally....firstly he NEVER compliments anyone...usually the best you can expect from him is an "OK"....and secondly, that's just not the sort of thing he says. And he did it right in front of someone else who sort of looked at us. Shocked me completely...didn't know what to say....but I was so it was nice someone noticed....!!!!

Even more surprised when Rob called me cos he'd remembered....Ok, I'd nagged him a little but having not spoken to him for a week or so I thought it would have been forgotten...but no, he surprised me as well. Just one of those days I guess. Cooooooool.


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