Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Patter of Tiny Feet

Weird but I had this urge to send an email to some friends of mine back in England the other day. Wondered if they had any news. Got the response back this morning...she's in hospital...having just, literally, given birth to their first sprog. Sent me some piccies of the baby boy. Quite cute really...and I'm not keen on other people's children so that's saying something! When the two of them got together we weren't sure if it would last (they used to argue all the time!) but clearly it has. Last time I saw them was at their wedding - September 2000 - the only reason I remember is that's the last time I went back "home" and it poured all week. Got off the plane and hopped on a train up to Harrogate. Gave them a call and about an hour later we were sitting in a was if I hadn't disappeared for months...absolutely nothing had changed then......guess things aren't quite the same now! Well, good for them!!!!

The details: born this morning (or very very early this morning for those of us on Eastern Time), weight 6lb 10.5oz. That must make him a Virgo (the date, I mean...don't think the weight affects your sign although I do have a theory that the reverse holds true!)......we can't ALL be lovely Librans!

Change of Pace

OK, I had finished writing for the day but then, as I was sitting here listening to some guy's Audio Blog (boring, I'll spare you the details) I was reminded about something neighbours!!!!

I have written previously about she who lives in the apartment next to me...the forgetful laundry user. Well, I have also noticed that her mother visits a lot. And I mean a every day!!! I don't know what she does but the daughter leaves for work in the morning and then, a couple of hours later, the mother appears and lets herself into the apartment. What does she do in there? Who knows! Is she cleaning the place? Cooking dinner? No, can't be that.....I never smell food cooking. Hmmm....availing herself of the facilities? Maybe watching cable TV? I have no's all very peculiar.......I am intrigued by this!

I am also totally irritated with the guy that lives below me now. Despite my prayers for a single, sexy, young male I find myself living above some old geezer with a walker. He has the family from hell....who insist on ruining the silence of Sundays with screaming, banging and loud exclamations about life, the universe and a load of other crap in which I have NO interest. Try meditating with some young kid shrieking his head off (my experience this weekend....just as I was reaching a state of blissful relaxation I was very rudely awakened by a loud cry from below).....AAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!! I could cope with him if that was all he did but I have noticed (not that I'm intentionaly listening) that there's a LOT of groaning going on down there. Now I probably shouldn't complain cos I have been known to make those sorts of noises myself.....sometimes when my back goes and I'm in total other times when I have a visitor of the male persuasion and...well, you know what I mean ;-) well as being irritated by him, I now find myself slightly curious...just what is it that he's doing down there? Is he in pain and just expressing himself in a similar way to me? If so, should I go down there and give him some painkillers (or maybe suffocate him with a pillow....mmmmm...nice thought....!) Or is he jerking off?????? If the latter, well he's doing it a helluva lot....good for him...I guess...I'm certainly not gonna go down and lend him a hand with THAT!!! I do wish whatever it is he's doing, that he would do it with the windows shut cos those groans are really starting piss me off.......

Damn, now I've got hiccups....hic hic.......yuk....hic hic......


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