Monday, September 22, 2003

The Second Coming

Another great show from the BBC!!!! A guy claims to be the second son of god and provides a couple of miracles to prove his point...all of this in "sunny" Manchester (north of England). With the commericals (ssssss) the whole thing lasts about three hours as the world is asked to create the Third Testament. Should they fail to come up with it the result will be Judgement Day...the End of the World. SSOG (second son of...) claims that Hell is overflowing with sinners while Heaven has finally become empty...noone is there. We are all acting like gods....playing around with biology, creating viruses that can kill us all, creating human life and so on. Downside to SSOG being real is that this means the Devil is also present on Earth and doing his bit to bring out the worst in people.

Turns out that the Third Testamant is the same as Judgement Day...for god. He has to go...people are putting too much emphasis on doing what they want, now, as they believe that they'll get another chance in the next life. Once god has gone and there is no religion left, there will be no ability for us to cling to that thought. We'll only have one chance...this we'll have to live it in a more appropriate manner....makes ya think!!!!!


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