Sunday, September 21, 2003

Secondhand Lions

Oh, my entries are all over the place.....think you have to read the last three in reverse order to get them chronologically correct...never mind, can't be bothered to change them around...don't think it makes much difference anyway!

So, sat out the "tropical depression", or whatever it was by the time she got to Buffalo, with Sharon in the cinema. I had no idea what the film was about before we went...she'd wanted to see it....but I actually enjoyed it. The storyline's ok but there are some interesting cut-ins of a "love story" aka Arabian Nights to make it more interesting. That part of the story's told in a way that you're not sure if it really happened or not...til you get to the ending, which personally, I think they should have left out. If they'd cut the film 5 minutes early you'd be left wondering whether or not it was true instead of which they had to reveal the answer. Irritating and I wish they hadn't done that. Overall verdict....yeah, I liked it.....and Robert Duvall was much better in this than in the last film we saw him in....the Argentine Tango film whose name I have totally forgotten....!


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