Saturday, September 20, 2003

Sometime the stars ARE right!

So my horoscope said something like "be prepared for unexpected visitors". Had two this week.....of the unexpected male, one nicely balanced out....and, given there were two, I'm not sure which of them the horoscopial (?!)...silly girl, that should be astrological....I knew that really.....prediction was referring to...maybe neither of them....????

The female was Sharon...who I've not seen for months.....since she had her dog put down. She's been in hiding and mourning since I can't remember when. So it was a total surprise to not only hear from her (we have spoken a few times) but to hear that she wanted to go out!!!!! I think her description of herself, on the phone, was something like "you won't recognise me, my hair needs dying, you can see all the white and I've put on 30 pounds", so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. She looked better than expected although, yeah, she's put on weight. Been comfort eating I guess. Seemed pretty perky though. Still refusing to talking about not going back until after the holidays. Easter, I asked? Probably not til February or maybe next September. Really? Wow!!! Don't think that's a very good sign....she's been hibernating for a while now and not really talking to anyone so the thought that she's gonna do this for another 6 months is a little worrying. On the positive side she's started volunteer work at the SPCA....we were a bit worried that being around animals would upset her more but she seems happy with it....I'm hoping that now she's spending some time with people (2 hours a week but better than nothing) might help her get back to "normal"...time will tell......

Off on a tangent....Issie...very disappointing...was looking forward to torrential rain and pounding winds...and what did we get....a bit of a breeze (ok, enough to make me close my windows) and a light drizzle..... :-(



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