Sunday, September 28, 2003


No more Eastenders!!!!! BBC America has decided to stop showing it due to the poor Nielsen ratings. Well, maybe if you didn't show it on a Saturday afternoon you'd get more viewers?

Adelphia announce a loss again. That's hardly a surprise given a day earlier they sent out letters advising they're putting their rates up AGAIN. Not that they say it like that....oh no....we're adding more channels (none of which I want) and introducing new "packages"....yeah, great......your service sucks so why do I have to keep paying more for it. Now want to charge $94 for basic digital cable and Powerlink. Forget it. Gonna call them tomorrow and cancel something...haven't quite worked out what.......maybe the whole damn lot. See how that helps your profits!!!!!

Matchstick Men...fabulous. Nicholas Cage...mmm him! And we get to see his butt....wooohooooo. Sharon nudged me when it appeared...."look, just for you"....yeahhhhhhhh :-) Great movie....nice twist...didn't see that one coming, although looking back, I guess I could have worked out something like that would happen.


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