Friday, October 24, 2003

Out of alignment


Not sure how but went to chiro this morning....sciatica's back and pain round my right hip. What are u doing to yourself? Dunno...just life really...guess I probably shouldn't carry laundry downstairs? No...

Hmmm...well I did nearly see if Scott/Dave (the guys that look after the apts) would come over and carry it down for me but decided that really was too pathetic. Maybe in future I should swallow my pride and ask...or carry it down, sock by sock?

Spent most of the day in Starbucks.

Then went to stuck in traffic down our road (roadworks). Totally forgot about it by the time I came home and got stuck again. Then had to do a really silly detour...all too much....

Sleepy now...and not eaten either.....could be why I'm tired...?????


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