Friday, December 19, 2003


Doesn't take much really. Here's today's dilemma...keep my current car (2001 Impreza RS Coupe) or get a new one?

If I get a new one I get the benefit of a nice new dash (cool design) and a little visor thing about the rear-view mirror to block out the sun when it's low in the sky. I should add, that if I do get a new car, it would be same model as the one I currently have....or, I should say, similar seeing as they don't make an RS Coupe any would have to be the sedan. Reason? Great car, loads of fun to drive, gets top safety ratings and I've loved this one. Downside...they don't make a Coupe any more....would have to get a four-door, which I really don't need or particularly want. Been driving Coupes for a while now and I love them....people that have to clamber in the back aren't too keen but it's not that often and I'm certainly not buying a car for someone else! Repayments would be the same as I'm paying now, give or take a few dollars so not a big deal. There have been very few other changes to the car, certainly the mechanical stuff is all the same...main change is the exterior shape, now a little sleeker in appearance.

But then I also see no reason to get rid of my current car. It has 21,960 miles on it. It runs beautifully. The only work that will need doing is to replace the brake pads (in about 6,000 miles according to the guy that just serviced it for me) and that can be covered by warranty...whether the current one or an extended one, which I would definitely buy. Plus it has the advantage of being a colour they no long make (or is that a disadvantage?). They now have a San Remo Red that is much brighter and more red-like...mine is more of a pinkish red, which is actually pretty nice. But, of course, with a new one I'd have to change the colour just to show it's a new car! LOL. I don't really want black and the blue is too bright and brash, would never buy a green car so that would leave Platinum Silver (very nice but everyone in Buffalo seems to drive silver cars) or white....errr...not too keen on, hmm, back with Red again? Plus it's a Coupe. The shape isn't fantastic..the new ones definitely look nicer but funnily enough I still get strangers coming up to me to ask about the car.

So is it really worth getting a new one for a few cosmetic changes? Not convinced it is.....gonna ponder some more on this but I'm definitely leaning towards keeping this the moment......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Well, it's got an inspection on Tuesday so I'll wait and see what they say about it then. If there's a load of work that needs doing, and I really can't see that there will be any, then maybe I'll just get a new one....if there isn't then there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of benefit in replacing it. Watch this space!

Also went for my "independent medical evaluation" today. The offices I went to were horrible. Firstly they have their children there...and proudly display a notice saying how much they like having their children running round the office. How nice for them. Personally, I don't. The office did not look the cleanest of places, which for a medical practice is somewhat disturbing. The room I was in contained an open bookshelf affair where they had stored rolls of paper tissues and other supplies...couldn't you hide those away somewhere? There was a fishtank...suppose that was to keep me amused while I waited for 10 minutes for the doc to finish with his other patient (so much for booking appointments for specific times!). There was also a sink which appeared to contain a dirty plate. I'm sorry but that really is not on. YUK. I had a feeling it might not be too good when I arrived to find the parking lot covered in is the idea that we slip and fall on the ice so that you can get more business? At the chiro I go to he yells at the people managing the property if they don't put salt down/clear ice because he doesn't want people to fall and hurt themselves!!!!

Location aside, I got a good places I didn't know hurt but which now do. He totally couldn't trigger any pain in my left leg although I walked in with sciatic pain and did show him one position that brought it on. His verdict was something along the lines of "I don't see what's causing the sciatica but clearly you have it". Geee thanks. He has to provide a written report to the insurance company and isn't meant to tell me what his findings are (they send me the report) but after having been poked and hit (with a little hammer to test my reflexes...or lack of ) and pricked with a pin-wheel I wasn't having any of that. Did get him to confirm that he would recommend continuation of chiropratic care (with my current chiro) and that an MRI of the lumbar spine (tonight's adventure) might shed more light on things. Doh! Tell me something I don't know please. So, from a medical breakthrough perspective it was a total waste of time. But if it means the insurance company keep paying my bills I don't mind.

There, now you're fully up to speed with all the latest medical news....going to sleep now cos I didn't sleep last night at all. Was up pacing round at about 4am and I'm exhausted....zzzzzz.....


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