Sunday, December 21, 2003

Friday Night

Spent being scanned again. Short-bore machine...apparently. All I know is that my right leg decided it wanted to twitch so every time the technician said "try and keep still", it refused! Why is it that as soon as someone tells me to do something I want to do the opposite?????? Was in there for about 25 minutes. Nicer than the other one in that there seemed to be more light...or maybe I was just nearer the end. Much noiser and more vibration so when he pulled me out I nearly fell over! Got home and was still shaking. Nearly didn't get my films...I was the last patient in and the technician was clearly wanted to leave. Sat there waiting for the film thinking he's left without me when he came running in, coat on, looking very embarassed. I got out to my car and remembered I had these in my hand! Ooooops.


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