Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Little Red Dress

So, I've never actually bought any clothes on eBay before but, after having spent Monday cruising the Internet (while it rained) looking for dance stuff, I decided the only place that had anything that I could afford was eBay. Have you any idea how much "professional" ballroom stuff costs???? I found a place that had a sale on....some sale.....prices reduced from $2,000+ to $1,500+!!! Yeah, I suppose that's a "bargain" but somewhat more than my little piece of plastic wanted to handle...and certainly not worth the money for the amount of wear I'll get out of it....after all, can hardly pull it out for work!

So...instead....I found a very cute red halterneck dress that should do the job. Perfect for Cha Cha. Tried describing it to Sharon over the phone and she decided it sounded ok. Just waiting for it to appear...and hoping it lives up to its description/photo/measurements! Then we went to see Raising Helen...very funny. Was trying to get her to see Shrek 2 cos I hear Antonio is fabulous as the Puss.....but she was having none of that. But it's Antonio!!!! Yes, but it's not like you actually get to see there'll be CHILDREN. Nuff said! LOL And June 24th is bring child to work day...not the official one, the Bank one. For me...official work at home day...I have marked it in my calendar....


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