Thursday, May 19, 2005

And so it continues...

In a thwarted attempt to spring clean, I managed to walk into a chair and totally smashed up the middle toe on my left foot. I took photos it was so ugly....bright red/black and very swollen. This is the toe next to the toe I did in last time. Stupid or wot? Someone at work has been laughing at the fact that I managed to, so spectacularly, destroy this toe while leaving the others intact.

To make it worse, my back is so screwed up it's not funny. I usually suffer with left side pain, this is the right side (for the first time). And, given the toe situation, I'm limping like mad, which only serves to mess up the spinal alignment even get the idea.

So, can't sleep cos of pain. Can't sit cos it hurts. Can't stand cos my body can't seem to support me at the moment. Definitely can't laugh. Driving sucks and walking is a near-stationary shuffle.....crying seems to be pretty successful :-(

Ho hum.

All I can say is...if you're going to do something, you should it properly...and that seems to include breaking myself.

Can't wait til I get old and things really get bad!


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