Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Review

Night at the Museum
  • Mindless entertainment
  • Some funny bits
  • Good for days when your brain needs a rest!

Pan's Labryinth

  • Fabulous if you can look away during the few bits of really graphic violence
  • In Spanish so had some vaguely education benefits
  • Beautifully filmed
  • Loved it


  • Fantastic music....although I was about the only person bopping to idea how you could sit still through that
  • Jennifer Hudson was amazing
  • Loved much as PL but they are totally different.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Interesting week.

Went to the doc on Tuesday about my voice (or lack of). He has run out of ideas as nothing else seems wrong. Sending me to an ENT specialist (end of month).

And then on Thursday, in the middle of a meeting, a migrane suddenly hit me. Eyes went out of focus and head started pounding. Walked out of the meeting and found someone to bring me home. Can't really remember all the details but it was not nice :-(

Cos of that, I had to get the bus/train downtown on Friday to rescue my car. Not a bad journey but I do wish the buses would run slightly more frequently than once an hour!