Monday, June 17, 2002

Tonight, I planned on getting some sleep. Ha ha ha. Blown that one I guess. I have reverted to being nocturnal. This is not good. I completely missed this morning, and some of the afternoon due to not going to bed til nearly 5am. Yesterday, Fri/Sat, I made to bed about 4am. Wot's gonna happen if I get a job????? Why so screwed up? Friday night it was Rob's fault. Last night it was Joe's fault. Tonight, it's my own doing....hate it when I have noone to blame. East Coast Swing dance - that was fun. Joe made cake and he bought me a couple of pieces (continuing with the "isn't he sweet" theme, you'll note). He also bought me a wad of green wrinklies....completely out the blue, he decides to give me cash. Now that really wasn't expected. I can't take this. Don't worry, pay me back when you get a job. I LOVE YOU!!!! You are SO nice. I feel like his little pet project at the moment......he fills me up with food and drink and now this....hmmm.....told him he can have my soul (not the body, Rob has first claim on that one). In the meantime I have a lovely tank full of gas and had a proper lunch (yeah that's the other thing, not been eating properly the last few days....lunch was the only meal I had and that was about 12 hours ago....ooops......)

Wonder if I should be worried about this? Think he's just trying to look after me but don't know. Shall take it at face value and hope it's nothing more sinister..........


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