Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Bannoffee Pie

An English invention (I believe). Just been explaining Bannoffee Pie to Joe...who responded with his explanation of Sloppy Joes. OK, I win on the interest front!!! Meanwhile, here I sit waiting for the tin of condensed milk to boil. 90 minutes into the process and still no signs of explosions. All is well. 30 minutes to go and I need to be at Dry Gulch, via the bank, for 8pm. Cutting it fine but I didn't fancy cooking at midnight! So, to explain. I am slightly concerned. The recipe calls for the tin to be boiled, in water, unopened for about 2 hours. The tin clearly states do not heat without opening. Hmmmm. I went with the recipe. It doesn't appear to be swelling up at all and there's a lot of water so I think things will be OK. But I'm taking no chances...checking it every 30 minutes...just to make sure.......


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