Thursday, July 04, 2002

Last night wasn't a total disaster but it came close! I spoke to Joe about lunchtime and asked him what he was doing later. Going to JT Wheatfields. Wot time. About 8pm....probably stay all evening to see the band. Oh, wondered if you wanted to come round for a drink cos I have to boil a tin. No, going to see the band. Why don't you come with. We'll see, going to Dry Gulch for an hour or so and then I have to make this pie thing so not sure if I can do it in time.

So......decided to sort out the pie before I went to Dry Gulch, thinking that way I could get up there afterwards. Rush, rush, rush. No explosions. Everthing looking lovely. Condensed milk is so cute when it's been boiled - it caramelizes and then bubbles out of the tin when you start opening it! But it worked. Put the stuff in the fridge. Headed to Dry Gulch. Totally didn't pay attention and went straight past the exit on the thruway. Oooops. Turned round, tried again. Success, got off at the right place! Never done that before. Got there just as Julie arrrived so that was actually good timing...though not intentional...she went the wrong way on the thruway. Strange, maybe there were people getting lost all over the place at 8pm EST?????

Got the music? Yes. Got anything to play it on? Errr, no....forgot. Ooooops. Oh well, practised WC Swing to some strange country music (they do line dancing there on Wednesdays....why?????? Can't understand why people do that!). Left about 10.30pm and decided to head up to meet Joe - after all he said he'd be there another hour. He wasn't! Got home and call him.....where were you? I left at 9pm, too hot and crowded. But I did come round to see you. I was at Dry Gulch - I told you, remember? I forgot. Oh. Well thank you, I traipse round Buffalo, can't find anyone, haven't eaten and now everywhere's closed. Come over and I'll feed you. Hmmmm.....OK. Luckily it was a little cooler last night.

So I nearly get to him and then a cat decides to cross the road in front of me. She/he gets halfway across the road and then stops...just sits there and looks at me. Will you move. No, I like it here. Oh come on, I don't need this. I'll run you over. I'm thinking about it. Nice here. Maybe I'll move. Yes please. OK, I'm going....sssssssssss....

Did get to see some fireworks though. Pretty!!! Illegal. What d'you mean. Fireworks are illegal in NYS. Noooooo!!! Why? Don't know, think it's cos too many people get hurt. OK, so let me get this straight. You can't drink on the streets of Manhattan. You can't show naked bodies on tv. You can't play with fireworks. But it's OK to have a few drinks, get in a car and then shoot someone sitting on their porch??? Not sure that's OK. No but it seems to be more acceptable. I really don't get this country!!!! Probably just as well we got rid of it.....heeeee heeeeee


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