Sunday, July 07, 2002

Last Saturday morning swing class yesterday for the season. Booo hooo......!!!!! Recap of the last 7 to blow one's mind in a couple of hours. Have to try and remember what we did. Oh, here's a idea....I could write it down! Let's see....

- Starter step with 2 walks and throw out
- Sugar push
- Side pass
- Sugar tuck with follower flare
- Tuck turn
- 2 steps followed by follower pivot and leader collect
- 2 steps followed by follower pivot
- Fake whip (6 count)
- Tuck turn with leader moving
- Sugar push with flares
- Fake basket whip into back and forward triples, whip ending
- 2 steps, inside turn, 3 struts, left side turn
- Sugar push

Went to the Dock yesterday so see Win, Lose or Draw (blues band). They weren't playing! Paper got it wrong again. Typical. Flipside where there instead. They were good but only got one WC in. Though did dance a lot...on concrete....ankle not happy this morning....nothing serious, just a little tired. Met someone who claimed to have been a ballroom teacher for 8 years. Probably was. He didn't dance though so who can tell. Rose was there. Agh! I really have nothing to say to her and she does not stop talking. Joe was being nice to her and I wasn't! Oh well. And....can u believe this, he doesn't like Pimms!!! Had a bit of a nightmare trying to find a some very strange looks from people but I found it...and it was the last bottle in the store. Says it reminds him of steak sauce. ???????? The Bannoffee pie went down well though so guess that's something......

Car washing day today. Got myself all psyched up for this so better go do........


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