Monday, July 08, 2002

Lewiston Gazebo for Blue Monday. Harmonica Dean. Good music....lots of blues, there's a surprise. Hey, anyone that plays Clapton/Muddy Waters in good in my eyes. Norm/Monique were there. Joe says she also calls herself Pat. Explain why? I don't know. Maybe she's twins? Or schizophrenic? Everyone's called Pat, why the hell would you want to add yourself to that crowd. Apart from the fact that Monique's a nicer name, it stands different....she's another small every other way she's pretty go for a different name!!!

Went with Joe cos I was going to go anyway. I know one person in Lewiston...Tim. Used to dance with him and drink downtown with him. Then we lost touch. I actually lost him at the toll booth one night in the fog! It was a Friday night, he was following me. I went through the cash lane, he took the EZ Pass route. I never saw him after that! It was quite funny really...saw him a few days later and he was OK. He stopped going to AM after a while. We sort of kept in touch then I lost his email and I can't remember his surname now. So, every time I go to Lewiston I wonder if I'll bump into him. So far I haven't. Tonight was no different.

Anyway, I went with Joe cos Sandy wanted him to meet her there so he asked me to come....convoluted but does his mind work? Beyond me. Plus I'd decided I was gonna go anyway and it saved me driving. Very few people danced....but someone said it was more than anticipated for Lewiston. Hmmm....wot a dull place it must be! He was in a funny mood. Sandy wanted to go down to the river afterwards but he totally refused. So I took him for icecream instead and he perked up. Not sure what's the matter....said it was his back but not convinced.....we shall see....

Rest of the day was FANTASTIC!!! Got my first pay check.....wooohooo. 2 days early which confused me. They only paid me for one week (booo) but I'll get the rest at the end of the week (yippeee)...fine by me. Must have made my bank manager happy. Then I spoke to my lawyer who's gonna get the papers filed by Wednesday (hopefully) which point I'll be completely legal again....woooohooooooooooo.....

Oh yeah and I spoke to Rob last night. Gonna see him first weekend August....and he'd better not smash anything up between now and then.....mmmmmm....

Life is good........very happy :-)


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