Wednesday, July 10, 2002

So Larry has this week off. Wot am I doing? Er, I'm working. Well, that's no good. No, but did you ask? Honestly!!!!! Did think about going to see him last night but I got the offer of chicken wings round at that one won. Robin's decided she's going to call him and tell him to get his act together. Yeah, right! I told her to come with me....that would have thrown him. Hi, I bought a friend. Be afraid, be very afraid. Actually he'd take it in his stride so that would be pretty dull....Hey, guess what. He's got all this anti-virus crap loaded and he seems to have another virus. I do wonder how he manages it!!! He blew Sandy off again last night. She wanted him to go dancing with her but he refused. Twice in a row, huh? V. interesting......

Practising our routine tonight. Showed it to Bill yesterday and he seemed to like it. Coooooool!


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