Sunday, September 29, 2002

PS. Only had 2.5 cigarettes since last Monday. Mmmmmmm :-)

Woke up really early yesterday - my fault, forgot to reset my alarm clock! Anyway, I have no idea what was on the radio other than someone talking about Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transvestite lifestyles. He was obviously talking about something that was really frustrating him but I can't remember what! However, in my sleepy state, I noted that he said G, L, B & T about three times in every sentence! Gave up and went back to sleep.

Went to Alt Brews last night. Not been in there for soooooo long. Daryle was still there...of course. Got some new glasses. Not sure if I like tinted. Suit him, I think.....looks like he's lost some weight as well. Or maybe, just the memory fading?! He was as lovely to me as ever. Ha ha!!!! Good blues band playing. Not much in the way of, correction, there were lots of men, most of them pretty geek-like. Don't think it was the usual crowd. One cute one...looked like a UB student. Robin was quite taken with him as well. The owner's wife was in there. Miserable cow but she did confirm the nasty rumor I heard a couple of weeks ago....there is no more Caffreys in the US. Booo hooo. Brewery decided not to import it any more. Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. What am I gonna drink now....Boddy's I guess....but it's just not the same. :-(

Wot else? Hmm....saw the Good Girl this afternoon. Not bad for Jennifer Anniston though she looked too neat and tidy to really fit in. And they could have ended it a few minutes early. Not cos it was particularly long, just didn't need that last little bit at the end. And there's a lovely moment in the kitchen where you can see the mike hanging down. Ha ha. Then it appeared again. Heeee heeee!!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

What Shall I Do Now?

I'm bored! I'm waiting for stuff to happen and, in the meantime, I don't really have anything to do. Hmmmmmmm.........Not sure if that's good or not. Oh well. Twiddle my fingers for a bit I suppose.....Maybe I should take a lunch. Though I've just been debating where I could go and what I could do. I've eaten. I'm not aware that I need to buy anything. I guess I could go to the Post Office but that's not really very fun.....hmmm....twiddle, twiddle, twiddle.....

Oh, maybe I'll check flights. Rob's on about a trip to London again but when I mentioned November (maybe...depending on the INS).....he said he wanted to go in July. Oh for goodness sake! You blew out San Fran and now you're gonna do the same to London...well, I'm just going when I need to and that's that!!!!!

Dreamed of Number 116 last night! No idea where that came from. Hmmm....very pleasant though. :-)

Saturday, September 21, 2002

International Day of Peace

"Peace One Day has successfully driven the initiative to establish the United Nations International Day of Peace as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, now fixed in the calendar as 21st September from 2002."

Peace One Day has been set up to as another attempt to drive global peace. OK it's only symbolic but it does make you stop and think. If we can manage to stop dropping bombs on each other for 24 hours, maybe we could manage it for 48, or 72 or........ Given all the coverage of 9-11 and "one year on", it seems strange that more attention hasn't been given to Peace Day. Ah, I know, it's cos Bush doesn't really want peace. He wants a nice big war with Saddam, or anyone else, killed so he can win another election. Of course! Silly me. Well maybe he better get his act together cos until he actually works out how he's going to achieve all of this, he's on his own...and we know what that means...not a hope!

Plus of course, most of the US doesn't seem to want peace either....if anyone else tells me that "we" should be out there dropping bombs on "strange" countries, I shall scream. Yeah, drop nuclear weapons on Afghanistan, or wherever else, and wipe out most of your allies at the same time. Great. Look at your foreign policy and get a grip. People will hate me for this but you've been asking for this for years. And if you really thought you were immune, you're living in a dream world. You've just been lucky that you're so far away. Get over it. The rest of us have had to.

Hmmm...shoulrd probably calm down now.....get too annoyed with the stupidity that surrounds me!!! Oh well, let's see if the radio stations can at least play Dave Stewart at noon...

Thursday, September 19, 2002

So....shall I start with my excitement of now being the proud owner of a microwave or my weird sleep habits? Oh, let's do the fun stuff first....

Me and My Microwave!
I first bought my own place about 15 years ago. I never had a microwave. What do I want with one of those, I thought? I'm an oven gal. Proper cooking is enjoyable so I'll go for the slow option. My next place - we did have a microwave, simply cos it came with it's owner. I never used it. Too many buttons to push. What do I want to do that for? Turn on the gas and the oven works....easy! My next place, a rental, didn't have a microwave and I never bought one. I couldn't afford it for starters (you try paying half a mortgage and rent and you'll know what I mean!). Then my next place, and current property, and still no microwave. There's room for one but I didn't quite get round to it cos I was only there for a couple of months before I moved to the US. My apartment in NYC had a microwave. A whopping great big one that probably could have fitted a Turkey for Thanksgiving inside. Remember calling my mother to tell her about it. Amused me so much!!! Didn't really use it....hey, everyone eats take-out in Manhattan so what do I need a microwave for? Leftovers were for lunch the next day....! Then Buffalo. No microwave. No microwave. No microwave. This weekend, I succumbed. I bought one. Only a little baby one (actually, not a bad one). It's sitting in the box at the moment but it's mine, all mine!!!!!!

Me and My Bed
I've worked it out at last. I can take my Valerian Root before I go to bed and get a full night's sleep...albeit with strange dreams. Or I can try the root-free approach...and get 4 hours sleep. Which do I prefer? Hard to say. Think I'm gonna have to keep popping the pills for a bit longer. Being awake at 4am doesn't agree with me...unless, of course, I'm being entertained!!!!! By the time the alarm goes off ( very finger slipped and I can't be bothered to reset it!)....I'm worn out. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh yeah.....fatal flaw in the design of computer keyboards...they're not waterproof. Just ruined my second one in three months. Shit!!!!! Amused the rest of the office as I was running round with paper towels and laying out papers on the floor.........had to leave before I did something really stupid!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Astronomy picture of the day

I have to get this out before I start working otherwise I'll totally forget. Seem to be back on my weird dreams again. Last night I went away. I don't know where. I'd arranged to go somewhere with Greybird and we were going to meet at the airport. I got there and couldn't see her. Then I saw a couple of really neat looking jets. They were dark blue and white. One of them had Lenel painted on the side. One of them had Rich's on it. The really weird thing (you think that's not strange enough...Lenel is a client and Rich's was a company I interviewed with!!!) is that they were parked on top of each. Directly on top...not like on an aircraft carrier or anything but plonked one on top of the other. Strange, I thought.

Then Joe and Barb turn up. We're meeting at noon. OK. I climb up some stairs to where we're meeting and am just about to dump my bags when Barb appears again. I said noon didn't i? What time is it? It's nearly noon. OK. I just have to look for something. I'm rummaging through my bag for something. I have no idea what. Not sure what happens next but then we're climbing into this room, like on a boat. Huge square room with this really big conference table in it. I've totally lost Greybird now, guess she's not coming. There's all these people I don't recognise sitting round the table. But in the far corner, I see Joe K. I didn't know he was coming?

Next thing I know, Joe T is trying to show me these really cool graphs. They're obviously showing something to do with the height of something above the ground. I can't work out how high they are but there are these little white blobs glowing in the middle of each "hill" on the chart. I'm trying to get them to move up cos I don't like where they're positioned but they don't want to know. I can't do it and I get all frustrated and give up. Joe T and I go back and join the others at the table.

What does it mean?

Monday, September 16, 2002

Paranoid:Very High
Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

Oh yeah, that really made my day!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Who knows what a box file is? Hands up. Let me count. This morning I sorted out all my papers into neat little piles and looked at them. I thought I would start a proper filing system and decided that I wanted to buy some pretty colour box files so that I could get really organised. I went down to Office Depot and looked down the aisles. Can't see any box files. So I asked someone. Who looked at me and walked off. I asked someone else. Oh yes we have those. Where? Don't know. I'll ask someone for you. Aisle 7. I've just been down there twice. I can't see any. That's where they'll be. OK. Maybe I missed them. No, I can't see any. Can someone show me. I'll get someone to help you. Erol to customer service. I'm looking for box files. Oh. What are they. I described them to him. I think I know what you mean. Come with me. We walked down Aisle 6 and 7 and then 8 and 9, just to be sure. I'm not sure what you're looking for. I described them again. Like a portfolio. No, not really. Oh. I'll ask someone else. Don't bother, I'm going elsewhere.

I came home and I looked through their site. They have a box file - only one and it's not really what I want - too expensive for starters but I don't need that fancy cover on it. I checked out Office Max. They don't seem to have any. OK. Now where? I know WH Smith sells them but do I really want to pay huge amounts of shipping to get them to Buffalo? No, course I don't. Why is everything so complicated??????

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Damn. Trillian connection to hotmail screwed. Ssssssss

Latest habit. Waking up at 4am. Did it again this morning. Very annoying. Couldn't sleep. JB was in the office at 5.30am yesterday cos he did the same thing (and no, he wasn't first in!). I had been tempted to go but decided against it....should have done, we could have had a breakfast party.....

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Back to reality

It's not nearly so much fun working now I'm back on proper hours!!! Managed to completely screw up yesterday. Was intending to take breakfast in with me. Couldn't be bothered to make it so got something on the way in...and then realised my lunch was also sitting at home waiting for me. Oh well. Tried to get a hot chocolate out the does very nice whipped choccy. Ended up with coffee. I'm sure I pressed the right button. Had a really silly conversation with our intern. My brain's all over the place!!!!! Must be the heat.

Cable guy came today to put my Powerlink in. Wanted DSL cos it's more reliable but Verizon said they couldn't do it in this building cos there was some fibreoptic cables lying around screwing it that right? Something like that anyway. So I went for the Adelphia option. Nearly phoned up to cancel after I plugged the TV in on Sunday and found that I had cable......hmmmm......don't know if they just turned it on prior to the visit or if it had been there all the time...? Oh well. Had the pleasure of two cable of them was quite cute actually. Makes a change!!!!! But they were running so late. Had an appointment between 4 and 6pm. So I got home just at 4pm. And waited. And waited. And waited. Called at 5.03pm. They're running to time, be with you in about 3 minutes. Cool. Yeah, right. An hour later, I get a call. They're on their way. Really? You told me that an hour ago. They've been running late. No, you don't say. It's now PAST 6pm and they're not here. Why did I bother leaving work early?????? Just ratty since I've been up since 4am. Couldn't sleep. Bad dream. Rob got married. Well, actually he didnt. Told him about it and he got upset. Here's the story....

It was his wedding and I was invited (gee, thanks!). I was wearing a really nice dark red suit (which for some reason I wanted to be purple). Long skirt and jacket. My hair was all piled up on my head. So this has to be a while off cos it's not that long yet. Anyway, was looking very nice. Sat on the right hand side about halfway down. The bride was wearing...wait for it...a long white dress!!! Sleeveless and with a v-back. No idea about the groom. He was standing to her right. Both with their backs to us. Does anyone know why these two shouldn't get married? Do they actually say that anymore? Been so long since I've been to a wedding! I don't know what happened but he turned and looked and then....I don't know. Didn't get any further in it so I have no idea what the outcome was. Rob was all upset cos he thought I was implying he was afraid of committment. I know that's not true - he's not quite desparate but he's pretty keen on settling down. I think it's an omen. Been trying to get him to come up here. Told him how much the flights were today - it's only $98 round trip and he couldn't believe it. They've been that price all year...I only know cos I was meant to go down there in Feb but didnt make it cos he smashed his knee in snowboarding. And when I went down last month, it was still that price. So now he might actually play!!!!

Wind's picked up. Bedroom door keeps slamming. Suppose I could close the windows. Mmmmm...Can smell the rain....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. About bloody time too!!! Though I've just heard thunder. OK..time to hide under the bed......

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Nice couch

Rob's had his place for a year and is now getting round to furnishing it. This morning he had to send me a load of photos to get my opinion on his choice of sofa and coffee table!!! The sofa is a 3-seater, olive green micro-fiber affair. It looks very comfortable though the color is not one I would have chosen (I'm not a green person). Did u get it scotch guarded? Oh yeah, it's insured for 5 years against anything. Anything? Did they ask you what u get up to at night? No, that was stupid of them wasn't it. Indeed (work it out, I'm not explaining!).

My concern was the carpet is a salmon color, which might look OK in reality but in a picture it's not the best match. Suggested a rug combining the green and the pink might distract from the obvious color jump but he was ahead of me...he's bought a very trendy glass coffee table. Black and cherry wood with 4 balls supporting the glass. Looks nice but I think he'll have to learn not to put his feet on it. And to invite me down so I can check it all out in person....his response "I know". Well....I know u know but when u gonna do something about it? Probably post-Jamaica (him, not me)...which was his excuse for not coming to SF with me. If I had the choice, I probably would have gone for that as well.....

Gotta go get some more ciggies. Been smoking too much today. Think it's the heat (that makes no sense whatsoever but what the hell). Or it could be the pain (I moved the sofa and it's damn heavy to do on my own in my truly pathetic state!). Oh yeah, we had a yard sale yesterday so Sherrie could clear out more of her stuff. Got rid of my old desk and about 5 minutes! Excellent. Didn't really have much else to get rid of. Said I'd go over today but by the time I'd spoken to my mother, father, sister and grandmother and inspected Rob's furnishings it was lunchtime and I couldn't be it's TOO HOT!!! It's September, can you please turn down the heat just a little....75 would be perfectly acceptable....none of this 92 business.....

Friday, September 06, 2002

Left my heart in San Francisco

Or was it my head? TOO TIRED. Killer flight. We should have done the red-eye but decided it was much more sensible to do the farewell party and then have three hours sleep so we could get up at 3.30am to catch a plane. STUPID IDEA! Would have been much better to get straight on a plane and head east but there u go, live and learn.

Nice flight but the second one was half an hour too long. My back decided it had had enough stress and I was willing the pilot to land the plane...anywhere....just get this damn thing out the sky!!! He did, San Francisco, the cold, foggy city....that was having a heatwave weekend! So much for packing the winter was supposed to be 10 degrees cooler than wasn't. First stop, after the hotel....Ghirardelli Square....where else? Chocolate...mmmm....Too many tourists (yes, I was one of them but I don't count!). Stressed me out a bit looking at the lines to get into the shop so I wandered round Aquatic Park and got some groovy views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge. Then off towards Fishermans Wharf but got sidetracked by a band playing in the park so squatted there for a while and listened. FW....again incredibly busy. Guess that's what you get for going over Labor Day weekend. Couldn't take it and headed homewards.

First stop - the GG Bridge. Another beautiful day in SF with not a cloud in the sky or a hint of fog. Walked the bridge...well, I walked halfway and then turned back...after all, I still have a bad back and don't want to overdo it! Then got the bus down to the Golden Gate Park. Except I got off at the wrong stop - was aiming for North of the park but by the time I realised where I was, I was on the South I walked...and walked...and, it's a BIG park! Very nice in there though. Tried to sneak into "a la carte in the park" but they wanted $12 and I wasn't paying that to go in, get a burger and come out again! So, found somewhere else to get food and then wandered off to the conservatory so I could watch a Winter's Tale (Shakespeare). First act....not too thrilling, was thinking about leaving but thought I might as well hang around and see the rest of it. Second act...much better.....though it was really hot by then so I had to hide under the program in the search of some shade. Overdid the sun thing....gone pink :-( Met up with JB (my boss) that evening and checked out the Irish bar next to the hotel and then a very nice restaurant. We were impressed with the number of people out eating at 10pm on a Monday don't get that in Buffalo!

JB hired a car and we headed to wine country...wot else do you do on a Tuesday????! Stopped off at Lombard Street first so we could drive down the winding road. Very pretty but a bit late for many of the not as pretty as some of the pictures I've seen from other people. Then to the GG Bridge. Today it was foggy and the bridge was amazing....very spooky with the towers disappearing up into the fog. Dramatic! Drove past Sausalito, which looks lovely. He says it full of very rich people and I could believe it. Stopped off at the Neibaum Coppala winery (as owned by Francis Ford Coppola). The upstairs is an exhibition of his work. Downstairs the serious!!!! Mmmmmmm. Very pleasant. A little moment of entertainment when JB went off to pay for his purchases and I wandered outside. Have you seen my glass. Which glass? The tasting glass? You mean the one you're holding? Oh yeah, that one....ooops. I couldn't stop laughing and the tour leader for the winery thought it was quite funny as well.....four glasses and he's all over the place, so pleased he's driving!

Had lunch at the Culinary Institute. That was amazing. The building is from 1889 - large stone structure. Inside the restaurant is very modern but it's been done in a way that really blends in with the rest of the architecture. We sat outside and had a great view over the valley. Ate and drank far too much - so much so that we didnt actually have time to stop off at the other winery we'd planned. But it was worth it.

Then headed over towards the coast - went down the road that we thought we were meant to take - according to the map. Not sure it was the right road cos it turned into this little dirt track that wound it's way up and down the mountain. Worked out we'd just broken quite a few of the car rental drinking, no drugs, no off-roading.....luckily we weren't in any danger of breaking the "dont take this car outside the US" rule!!!!

To be continued once I've rescued the washing.....

Now where was I? Oh yeah, well we got back to San Francisco to find that we'd missed the wine tasting - not a big deal cos we'd done our own. Checked into the Hilton and then had to move rooms cos I didn't like the one I was in. Of course they were completely unhelpful about it....almost as much as when I turned the hairdryer on and it blew up!!! Luckily my hair escaped!!!!

Not sure if it was too much sun or the fact that I spent the day running between different conference rooms but, by the evening, my ankle had decided to balloon up totally! So attractive and painful...though, by now, I'm getting used to being in pain most of the day. Ducked out of going to watch the baseball and headed to Union Square for some shopping and food.

Final day of the conference (yeah, I was there for work, remember?)! Finished with a big dinner and Richard Jeni (some comedian that I've never heard of but who was actually quite funny) providing the entertainment. We got an award....can't remember what it was called exactly but something to do with most growth from entry into a new market. JB was pretty chuffed! Got a "trophy"....long glass pointy thing. Very pretty!!

So, there u have it - I finally made it to San Fran. Fab time although I don't think I could live there (the hills are too scary!). And I made a profit on the trip.....fantastic!!!! Now...back to reality.... :-(