Saturday, December 28, 2002

All done!

Almost. All the chores I've been putting off for ages.

- Chiropractor. Not bad. Don't have to go back for a month, accidents allowing. Though my back is now killing me.....and I feel like crap...although that could be hard to tell sometimes.

- Alterations. Took the dress in to get it shortened. How long have I had it? Oh well! It'll be ready in a couple of weeks so that's perfect. And while I was there I had some chiffon pants that needed a little shortening as well...just so I don't kill myself.

- Jewellery to go with the dress. Yeah. Found some!!! Anne Klein. Jet. Cute chain with big dangly bit. Should be outrageous enough. And some earrings to go with it.

- Gloves. Wooohoooo!!! Very long satin gloves. Supposed to be 18-button...but I found out the other day that I have really long arms. Chris (from Freds) was going on about how his arms were much longer than mine so sorting out where we stand was tricky. So I stuck my arms out and pointed out that his were about an inch longer than mine...and that's mainly cos his hands are bigger. I think it's cos he keeps pulling mine out....he's stretching me. Anyway, the gloves. So, supposed to be about as long as they can get....and they dont really go all the way up my arms.....and the fingers are a little tight. Well, they're stretchy so I'll have to work with them.

That's it. Run round. Done it all. And been to Wegmans. Was gonna get my hair cut but.......think I'll leave it for another couple of weeks. Don't feel like sitting in a chair at the moment. Sleep. Need sleep. Very hot. Not happy. Is it too early to go to bed? Hmmm.....we'll see........


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