Sunday, December 29, 2002

Fave Movies of the Year

Why not, everyone else is doing it! In no particular order.....

- Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (waited a year and it was worth it)
- Frida (I cried!)
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding (saw it twice and I don't often do that!)
- Sweet Home Alabama (Josh is SO sexy!)
- Die Another Day (ok, it's a Bond movie with Brosnan but it was a LOT better than the last few.....)
- Analyze That (too funny!)
- One Hour Photo (Robin Williams does something good for once)
- Insomnia (at the time I could relate to the title, nice twist as well, nearly missed it!)
- The Shipping News (cool music, good acting, amazing scenery)

Movies that the world could have lived without:

- Punch-Drunk Love (Adam Sandler should be strung up by something painful for a very long time)

And the ones that I missed - this is Buffalo, after all!

- The Quiet American (apparently it did make it across the pond but not this far inland)
- Cinema Paradiso - New Version (I love the original.....could this be even better? Who knows, I missed it)

Upcoming that I HAVE to see:

- The Pianist
- Chicago


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