Saturday, December 14, 2002

Showcase Time

Again! Does it never stop? Another excuse for Yelena to cause me to spend MORE money!!!! Anyway, this time we're going for the slow, sexy songs. Although that didn't stop them choreographing stuff for people with good backs!!! LOL. Oh yeah, remember my back? Hmmmmm.......bend, right back....errr....yeah....hmmmmmmm. 4 weeks to go, give or take and I'm still not sure I can do it!!! But anyway. The choice of music:

Bolero: Time and Tide by Basia. Not strict tempo but good song. Bolero - the sexiest of all the Latin dances. Did you know that? Me neither. Apparently Rhumba is what lovers dance in public. Bolero is what they do in private!!!!! Mmmmmmm :-)

Waltz: Greenwaves by Secret Garden. Irish feel to it. Really like it. And I get a chance to wear my nice new dress...the one that needs taking up about 6 feet cos the skirt's too long...been meaning to take it in for weeks but still not done it. Maybe next weekend.


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