Friday, July 04, 2003

Is that rain I hear?

Yayyyyy. And booo.....i'm wrapped up in a towel at the moment so I can't go and play in it....but I so want to......!!!!! I'm in one of those "it's too hot moods" although some of it could be cos I just did my yoga (still doing it every day......although sometimes it's not til about 10pm cos of the heat)......and I got all hot and sweaty...mmmm mmmmm LOL I'd quite like it to rain all day then I could go and watch movies...although I could do that anyway. 4th of July (have u noticed that people say that the English way but every other day of the year they say in the American way.....perverse and me anyway) and I should be doing something exciting but have no energy left.....and I think I'm dehydrating. Been getting lots of cramps in my feet. Not had those for ages. Think it's lack of something. Might have to go and buy some bananas. Oh, rain stopped. Just teasing me. Rain, damn u!!!!!!!!!!


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